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We respect your right to manage your data and online identity. Whether you’re moving on from our platform or simply want to minimize your digital footprint, submitting an account deletion request ensures that your information is handled securely and in accordance with our privacy policies.

How It Works:

Submission Form:
Fill out the provided form with the necessary details to help us locate and process your account deletion request efficiently. Please provide accurate information to ensure a smooth and secure process.

Verification Process:
For security reasons, we may need to verify your identity to prevent unauthorized access. Be prepared to follow any additional steps outlined in the confirmation email you receive after submitting your request.

Once your request is verified and processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that the deletion process may take some time, and you will no longer have access to your account during this period.

Instructions: Please enter your email address and, optionally, provide a reason for account deletion. After submission, check your email for a confirmation link.